Spin POS 8″ & 15″

Products Spin POS
  • Intelligent, all-in-one design, with “No filter”, “No hard Drive”, helps ensure reliability
  • Never Fail LAN (Master-Master Algorithm)
  • Self Configuring/Self Healing Network
  • Pre-loaded Food Service Software Applications for Quick Service or Table Service, Delivery, Online Delivery
  • Embedded operating system specifically designed for POS applications
  • High data integrity and security, virus free
  • Designed by Hospitality Professionals for the Industry
  • Intuitive programming leads to smooth implementation and easy training
  • Unmatched performance, functionality and reliability


Spin Pad POS

  • Purpose built units, not a modified PDA
  • Large touch screen with backlight and stylus
  • State-of-the-art waterproof technology
  • Battery life up to 8 hours.
  • Range up to 330 feet.
  • Connects directly to the POS without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Automatic data synchronization with POS
  • Fast and User friendly , with a powerful interface
  • Prevent missed items on the bill
  • Increased up selling opportunities
  • Perfect for Patio and Outdoors
  • Quicker & Better service – wait staff have more time with customers
  • Less trips to the kitchen, increased tips, serve more tables

Spin Chef

  • Real time screen printer (visualize each table’s order). Automatically list tables based on priority (time elapsed)
  • Continual stock display (served, ordered, left). Helps manage food items inventory
  • Ability to send written messages or alarms to waitstaff via Spinpad terminals
  • Ability to recall servers opened tables
  • The kitchen unit can be converted to run the POS application
  • Wall mounted capability
  • Embedded speaker and microphone to speak to servers
  • Ability to receive and print hand written instructions from handheld terminals